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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 1, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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morning. the road have been heavily treated. if you are driving, something i experienced, ice quickly collects on the windshield. so if you don't have the defroster on full blast, you may have problems. ice may return heavy on the north side. let's check on the traffic with kim brown. >> now the 24-hour traffic authority brought to you by toyota. >> reporter: thanks. as everyone has mentioned, most of the major interstates and highways have been treated. as justin said, it's going to be the driveway and parking lot, and some of the side and neighborhood streets where you could find slick conditions. as i discovered this morning when i got to work, i flipped out front in the parking lot. watch where you walk. walking can be as hazardous as driving this morning. looking at the beltway, 695 at providence road, traffic is moving well. light volume and no incidents reported around the baltimore belt wee. we have accidents and incidents outside of the beltway especially north and east. in edgewood a. crash reported
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northbound route 24 at route 7. another incident eastbound pulaski highway past abington road involving a overturned vehicle and eastbound white marsh boulevard at perry hall, reports of another overturned vehicle. speeds will be a factor. keep your speeds down. you can try to reduce your chances of having an incidents and icy conditions in howard county. route 32 is out in western howard county, and route 29 near route 108el on the on and off ramps where they could be especially slick. it's a minute after five. we want to let you know we have learned howard county and baltimore county public schools are on a two-hour delay. any other delays or cancellations can be found at the bottom of the screen. no one wants a repeat of last week, power outages, traffic tieups and dangerous conditions. the story this morning going into the evening is the ice. linda so is live with more on your morning commute this morning. linda. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
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megan. we have been seeing light freezing drizzle for about 2 1/2 hours now. i want to show you something. we are at the salt dome. this is a plow that has been sitting out here in the drizzle. you can see there's already a light coating of ice that's forming. that's what you will find in your packing -- parking lots and sidewalks this morning. be careful as you head out. it would be easy to slip and fall. also, last week, you still had the leftover snow and slush that's going to refreeze and form some ice. so you want to be careful. as far as bge goes, they are also dealing with leftovers from last week's storm. any type of snow that has not melted from the trees, it's going to weigh it down. when you get that freezing rain, it's not going to take much for the trees to snap. that's why they are on stand by for any potential power outages. i know a lot of people are worried. people who lost the power last week. they wonder if they will have
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to deal with it this week. we heard from rob, and he said be prepared just in case. prepare for the worst. because, again, any leftover snow from half the week's storm, it weighs down and it will not take much to bring down a power line. the salt trucks have been pretty businessy. they have been coming in and out filling up the trucks and they are on stand by. they have been sauling since -- salting since yesterday to get agood start on the freezing rain that might form on the road. back to you. >> thanks. we have complete coverage of the winter weather that's going on right now. we do want to remind you, school closings and delays can be found at the bottom of the screen. adanne arundel, howard and baltimore county public schools to the list of schools opening two hours late this morning. justin will have the latest forecast, and we will have our eye on traffic cameras all morning. you can also get the delays and cancellations as they he come in.
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and don't forget about the complete coverage of the winter storm. it's always online at we have everything you need to know to stay informed, and stay safe, from life interactive radar to the items you have to have in your home or your car should you lose power or get stuck on the road. we have a look at how many snow days each school system has had for the school year, and that means how long your kid is going to have to stay in school into the summer. even without the weather, a single car accident shut down the light rail traffic to one lane. traffic on 83 was backed up for a few moments. an suv veered off the road into a 10-foot embankment last night. while the vehicle was in pretty bad shape, both passengers suffered nonlife threatening injuries and were taken to sinaihospital. no word on a cause of that accident. new for you this morning, no one likes a ticket, but the red light cameras are savings lives according to a study out today by the insurance
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institute for highway safety. with more on this, let's check in with sherrie johnson live with some of the details on the cameras. sherrie, how is it going? >> reporter: good morning. we are here in north baltimore at the intersection of giddings and york road where there's a red light camera. and for some people, a red light camera can be annoying. you run a red light, and you get a ticket in the mail and you have to pay a fine. but a new report is saying these red light cameras are actually saving people's lives. this is according to the insurance institute for highway safety. if red light cameras had been use in large cities between 2004 and 2008, about 8 15 hives would have been saved -- lives would have been saved. they are helping drivers remember red means stop and if you don't, you will pay the price. the new study says the cameras reduced the number of fatal crashes by 24% in 14 large cities that introduced the red light cameras between 1996 and
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2004. cities that have cameras also saw a drop in fatal crashes at intersection was traffic signals that didn't have a camera. but the national motorists association disagrees with the study saying the numbers are wrong and cameras actually increase crashes, including rear end collisions. now baltimore area saw a 14% drop in fatal red light crashes. reporting live in north baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's six minutes after five. they stood in the same glen burnie park lot where myra cas op was found shot and killed in her car. hundreds turned out to remember the retired schoolteacher, mother, grandmother and sorority sister. and a call to the shooter to surrender to policech the man -- police. the man or woman who shot cason is a history and her son is grateful for the support he saw last night. >> we lost a beautiful lady.
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you know, we lost a gem. my mother is like a diemon in the rough. people look my mother don't come along. >> right now, police are asking you call them with any information that may assist them in the investigation. time is 5:07. two 17-year-old accused of setting a cat on fire has been charged with animal cruelty. one is the grandson of the cat owner and the other a friend. mittens was nursing her kittens when she was set on fire a few weeks ago. it happened in the 3300 block of st. ambrose avenue in northwest baltimore. according to a witness, mittens was put in a milk crate and the suspects poured lighter fluid on her. we are told mittens and her kittens are all doing well this morning. apparently there's been a lot of calls to adopt them. >> that's great news. stay with us this morning. there are long lines and chaos at airports in egypt as unrest continues and people are desperate to leave. >> the story is nowhere near
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being finished. why the country's civil unrest is putting the obama administration in a difficult spot. along the east coast people are bracing for another round of winter storms. how your morning commute may be affected by the storms. trains, buses and public transportation, what's going on this possibly icy morning? let's check in with mark jones. mark. >> reporter: well, we are off to a pretty good start on metro subway. light rail take willing a delay of 15 minutes in the southbound direction. on the buses, the number 40 bus is about 20 minutes late, the 33 with a diversion at hillen and cold spring due to a water main break and number 30 diverted at edmonton and swan. marc train looks good. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones. ♪
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and if at some point in the day you can't watch us on the air, check us online. head to i have our website pulled up. there's all sorts of weather information. that's the big story today. but from icy hours ahead, a look at the forecast, to bge tracking the storm and stepping up the resources, you can find all the information at for example, if you go under the weather tab, and you scroll down, you can actually get live interactive maps and a look at the forecast that justin is work on. you can get a look at the five- day and look at the storm moving in as it comes our way. click on that. you will get the information you need there on and there's really interesting weather feature stories. for example, if you go back to the home page and scroll down and look at the stories, there's one about how many snow days your child has had in school so far and what that means for them. everything is posted on the website. baltimore county schools, they have taken four days. carroll county schools, five.
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seal its -- cecil, harford county everything is there for you. go to the website and click on the home page and find exactly what you are looking for as far as the weather goes. there's great examples of what to have in the car and the home in case you lose power or if you get stuck in traffic. head to i will send it back to justin in the studio i know you've been work hard online, but in the studio with the latest on the weather. how is it looking right now? >> i have to thank the people that are up this morning and checking in with me. i am reading this list of stuff. great reports and great incites. as we look at the temperatures, keep this in mind. tarry in bel air said, everything is coated with a fine layer of ice. dj in easton said it is misting and no icing. dundalk traffic is moving okay from patrick. and we have nicky baltimore county, they have a thin layer of ice and it's slippery, too slippery for her poor husky. we are looking at lisa brown in
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ellicott city. they have drizzle. but it's 27 degrees. you have ice. mark south carroll says freezing drizzle. and sykesville is at 26. i want you to see this. mainly freezing drizzle around the area. jeff up in york county, pennsylvania, said the stuff is snow. it has turned over to snow once you cross the border. new freedom and the 83 trip through york county is not going to be fun. a lot of people are watching on the cable up there. we are icing up on area roadways even though the crews were heavily treating them overnight. at 5:14, let's check on that traffic and your commute with kim brown. >> now, the 24-hour traffic authority. brought to you by toyota. >> reporter: thanks, justin. as you mentioned, it's going to be worse west of the baltimore metro area. we are getting reports of some pretty slick conditions especially on i-70 out in frederick county. and problems reported out in washington county on interstate
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i-81. so keep that in mind if that's where you are traveling. as we look live, this is 895 just south of the 95 split. as you see, traffic is moving pretty well. speed are going to be -- the speeds are going to be down. the crews have been work hard to put down a lot of salt and a lot of treatment on the area streets. it is going to be a very slick ride. as justin said, the temperatures are below freezing. it's going to be cold enough to freeze whatever is falling out of the sky. it will probably freeze upon contact. we have several accidents especially up in harford county edgewood and bel air is where we are seeing problems. northbound route 24 at route 7, there's an accident there. eastbound pulaski highway at abington road. northbound route 24 approaching west ring factory road, riverside parkway south of wheel road. an overturned vehicle eastbound white marsh at perry hall boulevard. in western howard county, in the dayton area, route 32 we
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are getting reports of serious ice. same on route 29 in howard county. the on and off ramps to route 108, reports of serious icing there. a heads up traveling by air, you might want to give your airline a call to see if your flight has been delayed or canceled becausebwi is reporting flies delayed. now back to you guys. >> good advice. thanks. tax time is creeping up, and there's a lot of paperwork newspaper next, tips on where to get help filing taxes and it's free. mr. perdue! mr. perdue! what does it mean that perdue is the first chicken company to have a usda process verified program? it means the usda verifies that my fresh, fit & easy chicken is raised cage-free and fed an all-veggie diet with no animal by-products.
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we are looking outside. normally we show you the dark shot and say no problems. when you see the pink skite, that's a sign the city lights are -- sky. that's a sign that the city lights are reflecting off something. we have temperatures in the 20s. officially 29 in baltimore. i wanted to show you the wide shot and give the indication the arctic air, we are on the edge of it. 16 degrees. major ice and snow problems for them. cold air just oozing down east of the mountains. roanoke at 31. but it's pushing 40s in parts of west virginia. back to 31 in cincinnati. but southbound, 50s in nashville and south of there. so we have this push of warm air. this arctic battle in between. and what we talked about yesterday, if you read my blog on cold air damming, this is what happens. the storm ride west and the cold air stays locked in the other side and we have this cold intrusion coming down and gets banked up against the east side of the mountains. that's pretty much the issue
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this morning. warm will go build n up along and above that cold layer at surface. warm cloud means rain. and it falls into the cold layer and it's shallow a few hundred feet and that's where we turn into just freezing on contact. storm will track to the west. there is major snow. round one of snow that could bring 2 to 4 inches or more. central pa to new york state. icing getting closer to baltimore and we have the storm track with the second wave just off screen that is going mean business with the heavy snow in the midwest. and that really starts to charge the warmer air to the north. and then we bring in the arctic intrusion behind it. we are in the ice zone. we will be flirting with the ice zone. it's classic baltimore winter he. our future radar doesn't indicate precipitation type i want to show you the intensity. we expect dry hours on the fringe of the heavier stuff this morning to the north. but the heavy stuff comes in overnight after midnight through daybreak. it gets heavy. but someplaces will be below freezing. and this is how i see it. this morning, we all got ice.
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but i think it stays freezing north of baltimore through pa. and through tomorrow morning, a hf inch to an -- half inch to an inch of ice. back near or below freezing so some more additionalizing over- -additional icing overnight. south of baltimore, you have ice this morning. but i think we go mostly rain from there on in. for today, temperatures push 36. the ice mainly in the morning. look out for a refreeze in baltimore and especially north with temperatures about 31, 32 overnight. kim. >> now, the 24-hour traffic authority brought to you by toyota. >> reporter: thanks, justin. we are keeping an eye on the area road temperatures to gib you an idea of what the road are looking like right now. route 30 at pennsylvania state line,s road temperature is 27. will 95 -- 895 the road temperatures from 29 degrees to 31. so whatever is falling out of the sky is probably going to freeze upon contact. keep that in mind.
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as we look live at the beltway, no major problems around 695. nob on the 83s -- none on the 83 or 95. there are issues on the side streets and secondary highways, it canly in harford county -- particularly in harford county. northbound route 24 at route 7, another crash on northbound route 24 approaching west ring factory road. eastbound pulaski highway an overturned vehicle. another overturned vehicle down closer to white marsh at perry hall boulevard and there are lots of reports of icing. be careful and keep your speeds down and keep an eye out for it as best you can. now back to you. >> thank you. we may not be getting it bad but that could soon change. >> coming, we will take a look at how people all along the east coast are dealing with what mother nature has in store for them over the next 24 hours.
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bell come back. winter weather watches and advisory are out from new mexico to new england. they are talk about the stretch being 2,000 miles.
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>> it's so messy. nearly 3/4 of the country could be wacked by a giant winter storm. in the center of the bull's eye, chicago. the windy city has been spared heavy snow so far this winter. however, by tomorrow, the storm could dump up to 18 inches. >> wow. >> that rivals the blizzard of 1967. you are looking at video of 1967 when 23 inches of snow crippled the city. officials are urging drivers to stay off the roads. >> this time, we may potentially be dealing with a storm of historic proportions. >> st. louis, kansas city and milwaukee could get up to two feet of snow. kim brown said she talked to a friend in tulsa and. >> thunder sleet. i never heard of it but i bet justin has. >> we had thunder sleet last week when we transitioned from the rain to the snow. we had it for a brief period. it was rare enough we had 4 to 5 hours of thunder snow.
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but nothing is rare anymore after this winter, right? tonight, we want to establish the fact that this freezing line will reestablish itself further south close to baltimore. it's 31, 32 overnight. some northern sections will get heavy icing tonight into through tomorrow morning and after midnight and daybreak. it will stay icy north. we will go to a 42 in town. quick peek at rest of the week. we dry out tomorrow afternoon and evening. but looking for another possible snow rain mixture and it could be heavy building in on saturday. it's 5:28. time to go up to new york and check out this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: and in today's tech bites, verizon will be ready for customer demand when the iphone goes on sale online thursday. the company estimate that 4 to 500,000 people will buy iphones the first weekend. back in june, when the first iphones went on sale they sold out quickly and shortages lasted for weeks. a new video game is now on
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facebook. you play a waitress named flow and seat and serve as many customers as possible. it's free but there are cash charges for add-on. >> there are five different restaurants you can play in the game. except if you decide to play for free, you are only limited to playing at one of the restaurants. the other four you have to pay real life cash to open. >> reporter: go to -- the game doesn't have a lot of social interaction. those are your tech bites i am vinita nair. clar


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